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About Paul

Winter007The Artist Original Images created by Photographer and Artist Paul Williamson. Paul is from the UK and is now based in Toronto, with over 10 years as a professional photographer and many years as an amateur Paul has been creating art for a long time. Each image is unique and can be supplied as limited edition prints or from Pauls general Gallery of work . Please look over the Gallery to give you an idea of Pauls artwork. You can visit the shop here or contact me directly here.

History I have been a photographer for over 10 years, I studied photography and information technology at college, this led me to a career in IT for a short while and then into photography professionally. By day I photograph commercial work (Products, property, adverts etc) and when I have time I produce my own artwork for sale.  Most of my images are from my Travels, my old home in the UK or from Canada.

Technique I learned how to process film and use a darkroom a long time ago and although technology has moved a long way forward, the essence of photography has not. I use a 1ds Mark II camera, with a mixture of L series lenses. Each image is taken with consideration for the light available/time of day etc. I then process each image in Lightroom and Photoshop (Now the Darkroom).  I only use techniques I was taught in the Darkroom, that now applies to Photoshop.  I miss the Darkroom, the magic of seeing your image materialise in the developer tray! But like most, I do not miss the smell!